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Amber and I returned from California a few weeks ago and I had to share some of the gorgeous trends and decor from California. Definitely different from here in Nashville! We attended the ABC convention, Association of Bridal Consultants, for which we are both Nashville wedding planning members of and learned a lot about how to cope in the industry with the economic issues we are facing, as well as the trends of the moment on the west coast.

California 008

Our first full day at convention we had the California Couture luncheon and 4 California florists were represented in the 4 section of the ballroom. This was the unique centerpiece at our table of phalenopsis orchids, roses, and rose petals. They were suspended on a plexiglass ball. It was a very unique centerpiece. The table was perfectly accented with linens and chair covers from Wildflower Linens, which have incredible, one of a kind linens for rent with worldwide delivery. They are expensive linens, so if a full ballroom of linens isn’t in the budget, you can rent one to do an incredible cake table display.

California 009

California 010

This beautiful centerpiece of the same phalenopsis orchids, roses, dendrobium orchids, and rose petals was featured in the center of the room with the other three large centerpieces from the other florists.

California 011

I loved this accent of using tea cups full of roses as side centerpieces featured with the one large one. Such a cute alternative vessel idea!

California 012

California 013

This was another centerpiece being featured by another florist. Aren’t the leaf purses used as floral vessel’s adorable??? Such a cute accent for a luncheon centerpiece or a reception, with the additional large centerpiece. These linens were also provided by Wildflower Linen.

California 014

California 015

The base of this centerpiece is comprised of glass cubes with crystals and a single rose bud, accented with glass cubes full of white feathers.

California 016

Isn’t this adorable, the rose bud is used as a votive cup with the tea light nestled in between the petals.

California 018

California 019

This centerpiece was featured by another of the florist with the linen provided by Wildflower Linen as well. I love the black, acrylic vessels. Its a bold centerpiece, but very girly with the accent of pink and the bling in and amongst the flowers.

California 020

California 021

California 022

The last florist featured the bust form with crystals and ribbon wrapped votives! Gorgeous!

California 023

California 024

California 025

I just had to share this. At our conference, we don’t just socialize with planners from all over the world, but we also have educational classes that we take. In one of our classes on the first full day, the planner who was presenting captured our attention with a unique rendition of Canon in D. The beginning of the song was a recording of the typical classic Canon in D and then this electric guitarist came out and added the rock twist. Very fun and a great idea for that type of bride!

California 026

Here are the Tennessee wedding planners that were represented! Myself and Amber, Brenda and Lisa from Knoxville, Sonya from Knoxville, and Kristyn from Knoxville.

We had a blast on our first day, full of great information, but tiring!

~ Mary Alice

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