Nashville wedding planning essentials: The Emergency Kit!!

Whew! Wedding season has slowed down as are going into the later fall and holiday season, so that gives time for blogging and providing some advice! One thing that I think many brides don’t think about for the day of their wedding is having an emergency kit on hand to help with situations that can arise. We’ve had anything from buttons on a tuxedo come off, a groomsmen forgets a pair of dress socks, bustles brake and safety pins coming to the rescue, to needing a plethora of bobby pins for a variety of reasons! For our planning clients, our extensive emergency kits automatically come with us on day of to help in any situation that can arise, some situations even out of the ordinary, but I wanted to give a few a suggestions of items that you personally can pack to use on the day of. I was approached by an editorial writer a wedding blogs about what my “go to” items would be and she so kindly featured these on a variety of blogs that I’ve posted below.

ST_Bridal_Emergency_Kit_NecessitiesI love this photo showcasing a variety of wedding day emergency kit items by Something Turquoise!

1. I use a tackle box from the Walmart fishing section. Some will use the small cardboard gable boxes, makeup bags or scrapbooking containers.

2. Blister treatment pads ARE A MUST! We ladies all know that those fun, pretty shoes that we wear take a toll on our feet. We have to constantly refill those.

3. Lash glue: Your makeup artist will use products that will withstand the day, but after so much crying, sometimes that lash glue will give out. This is a great small item that you can keep in your wedding clutch all night.

4. Kleenex: For all of the joyous tears on day of, you need plenty of packs of tissues.

5. Tide to go pens or Shout wipes come in handy for many situations with stains!

These are just a few of my essential elements that are in the HUGE emergency kit we keep on us day of!

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~ Mary Alice

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